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« By bringing together Quality, Safety, Environment, Lean Management and Human Resources within a single department, Majencia is seeking to place corporate social responsibility at the heart of its sustainable development strategy. CSR is complex to implement due to its cross-cutting nature, affecting all areas of business, and it is highly dependent on the organisations in which it is applied.

Sustainable development is built on shared values, a collective effort to learn and high standards in any circumstances. We are committed to rolling out this long-term strategy on the basis of respect, considering our problems and challenges as an opportunity for improvement that could involve our entire team in finding solutions. This is a participatory process that seeks to radically transform our corporate structures, while supporting all staff throughout this change. The company will only be able to achieve sustainable performance if we tackle economic, social and environmental challenges together. »

Michel MOINET, Sustainable Development Manager







"Commitment goes beyond a simple employment contract, it is a moral contract expressed by a desire to get fully involved, to give your all to what you do and to do it well."

Françoise ROBIN, Sales Assistant





"Performance is the result of perfect team chemistry between the various departments."

Julien BEAUDOIN, Outbound Logistics Team Manager





"Innovation isn't just about proposing ideas, it's about listening to them and testing them. Majencia has well understood this fundamental rule of innovation. "

Claire DU MESNILDOT, Complementary Products & Services Manager





"Citizenship is about recognising that you have to assume the consequences of your actions and about seeking the common good."

Alexandra DJEMA, Sales Administration & Support Manager


A responsible company, supporting the three pillars of sustainable development.

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